Wednesday, 2 February 2011

long time no blog, ey.


So yeah I haven't blogged in ages, not that anyone has noticed as I have no people looking at my blog because it's a piece of poop but I still like to blog. And also someone I'm following on both twitter&her blog ( I really hope I got that right cause I'll feel a right fool if I haven't. Check it out, she's really easy to relate to :)

okay well I'll update ya then for anyone who actually is Reading this!

-made up with my best friend.
-went London (they haven't rang yet)

The man at the agency said it's likely I'll be a little too short but I'm still growing so fingers crossed!! I really do want this to happen though. Gosh.

And yeah I suppose nothing else has really happened, my boy friend of nearly 11 months is moving schools so that's kinda depressed me A LOT. A LOT. and I think we're breaking up then but I don't wanna think about that yet.

eurgh. Anyway ADIOS xx

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