Sunday, 23 January 2011

kept forgetting to blog, sorry.

So salut to my imaginary readers, nice to see you all;) well i haven't blogged in a few days cause I simply couldn't be arsed? nevermind anyway nothings really happened. Went out for the meal on Friday night, was nice :) fell out with my best friend, that's not so nice. And went on a day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon yesterday -where shakespeare lived- it was kinda boring. Nevermind :) it's only 2 days til London, the day after tomorrow. WOO:) I'm so nervous and it's getting kinda worse. I hope the nerves don't get the better of me. I really do, this could be my shot. God.

Anyway I think that'll do for now, I can't see anything happening today so I'll probably blog with a lot of nervous-ness tomorrow.


Thursday, 20 January 2011

woops late night blog.

I couldn't find the time to blog today, but I haven't really been that busy. Just couldn't be arsed to write down my thoughts as I had too much going through my mind. I've been trying outfits on since I got home from school as I have a birthday meal tommorrow for my friend Bianca. And I have no idea what to wear, I would put some photos on of possible outfits but I tried to access my blog on my blackberry and it took absolutely AGES so I gave up in the end. And plus I have no readers so what would be the point. I did try to promote my blog on but it really didn't seem all that succesful. Anyway instead of photographing the outfits I'll have to make do with describing them!

Camel Coudroy Shirt (h&m)
blue scrunched jeans (given 'um)
tan mid t-bar heels (next)
obviously this is just the basics

grey converse top (JD)
blue jeans, faded (primark)
grey converse, battered (office)

But I guess they're both pretty similar, anyways I'll just decide in the morning. Well I'm knackered and I need my sleep as London is in just FOUR DAYS. ehehe sooo nervous.


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

sat in bed with tangfastics.

Title is the story of my life, I come home from school, get changed into my jimjams and sit in bed on my iPod all day. As i blog from my iPod as my laptop is a hootenanny and picks it's moments to refuse to work. But but but I need to venture it out soon because I urgently need to put my bombay bicycle club cd on there. dying to listen to it on my iPod but I ALWAYS forget to put it on when I have the peice of crap out. So it's 6 days until I go to London, although my readers (DONT HAVE ANY) won't be aware that I'm going to London. but long story short.. got scouted by a modelling agency at clothes show and they've invited me down to their London offices. which is frickin' amazing for me?!? but you know this'll probably sound absolutely showy-offy to my non-existent readers but I promise you I didn't mean it like that. I'm not SO keen on putting photos of myself on here because I got perv'ed on on facebook a few weeks back and it was a massive kerfuffle that I'd like to avoid!

But if I succeed in modelling and stuff then I'll link to some photos of me on the agency's website, kkkkkkkkk? Fingers crossed.

Think I'm done for the moment although i'll probably blog again later due to deathly boredom?


Tuesday, 18 January 2011

18th January -later.

Finished watching 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' and I've got to admit it was one of the best programs I've ever seen -and I've watched every David tennant episode of Doctor Who so that says something! They have some high morals and yet they let the men grab their women and force them to kiss them. And also they let their daughters go out dressed like prostitutes?! well each to their own I suppose!

Everyones talking about MBFGW aswell, one of my favourite quotes from tonight episode was: "the more the dress makes you bleed, the better the dress". They were saying that most gypsy women gain scars from their wedding dresses. Don't think you'll ever catch me in a fluroscent pink wedding dress!

There's the program summed up basically, I'd love to live the life of a gypsy for just one day! Just to experience their way of life, I guess there's plenty of time left for me to experience it.. my mum always said I'd marry a gypsy :)

Adios! x

18th January :)

no no no:( I typed a really long entry just before this then went to check another tab and it all deleted. DEVASTATION

so yet to right as much as I can remember of it, so it's the return of 'My big fat gypsy wedding' tonight and I'm SO SO so in love with the entire program. It's just hilarious to see what they come up with. It's not something I'd admit often but I admire they're bravery of dressing and acting the way they do! you gotta admit they have a lot of courage to be the way they are. 

At school we're not allowed to call them 'gypsys', I suppose gypsys is better than pikeys isn't it?! But apparently they could find it offensive but that's a load of CRAP because they originate from Roman Gypsies! Travellers my arse!

I've been puzzling myself all day about what to write about in my blog although I suppose no one's really going to be Reading this so I could bitch about people and discuss my lovelife? but I'm not that sort of person who will tell their life story in ten minutes to someone on the bus, we've all met one! So I'm trying to find a subject to talk about.. I thought 'okay so what am I interested in?!' and one subject that stood out to me was modelling as it's something I suppose you could say I've been obsessed with. 

So their names are Alexandra & Caroline Clot. They're signed with 'Select model Management' and they're twins. They have exsquisite cheek bones and can show emotion really well trough their pictures. I'd love to see these two make it big!  

Alexandra -

Caroline -

tadaaaaaa! May post again later depending on my mood.


Monday, 17 January 2011

Janvier 17th. music segement :)

Second time i've wrote this out. Before this I wrote a whole account of my day at school but who wants to know that? Nothing interesting happened and this blog is supposed to be about life and philosophy and things that I've found interesting and want to share with the world. Although, I think I'll mostly be doing this for my own amusement as there's millions of blogs out there that don't get noticed. But this is different due to the fact: I'M A TEENAGER!

So I thought today as I'm in a musical mood i shall start off with talking about an artist I discovered a few months back but never really followed her up.. Her names misty miller! YouTube her! She's from wimbledon and she has such a fresh voice and amazingly she plays all her songs on a little guitar -I don't want to call it a yeukalale incase it isn't one- woops.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

first attempt at bloggin'.

hello, all!

As your viewing this blog then I'm happy to welcome you, I don't think I'll get many views to be honest with you. I just simply wanted to be able to say I had a go at blogging. This is what I would like to call an 'UNDECIDED BLOG' as what I'm aiming to blog about is the daily antics of a teen (that teen being me!) and fashion dicoveries, musical discoveries and new faces in the modelling world. yes a very diverse selection I know :)

well there's the explanation of my blog, I'm going to give this blog my best shot!

thank you, SO SO much for reading!