Tuesday, 18 January 2011

18th January :)

no no no:( I typed a really long entry just before this then went to check another tab and it all deleted. DEVASTATION

so yet to right as much as I can remember of it, so it's the return of 'My big fat gypsy wedding' tonight and I'm SO SO so in love with the entire program. It's just hilarious to see what they come up with. It's not something I'd admit often but I admire they're bravery of dressing and acting the way they do! you gotta admit they have a lot of courage to be the way they are. 

At school we're not allowed to call them 'gypsys', I suppose gypsys is better than pikeys isn't it?! But apparently they could find it offensive but that's a load of CRAP because they originate from Roman Gypsies! Travellers my arse!

I've been puzzling myself all day about what to write about in my blog although I suppose no one's really going to be Reading this so I could bitch about people and discuss my lovelife? but I'm not that sort of person who will tell their life story in ten minutes to someone on the bus, we've all met one! So I'm trying to find a subject to talk about.. I thought 'okay so what am I interested in?!' and one subject that stood out to me was modelling as it's something I suppose you could say I've been obsessed with. 

So their names are Alexandra & Caroline Clot. They're signed with 'Select model Management' and they're twins. They have exsquisite cheek bones and can show emotion really well trough their pictures. I'd love to see these two make it big!  

Alexandra -http://www.selectmodel.com/pda/ViewTalent.aspx?id=645

Caroline -http://www.selectmodel.com/pda/ViewTalent.aspx?id=644

tadaaaaaa! May post again later depending on my mood.


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