Wednesday, 19 January 2011

sat in bed with tangfastics.

Title is the story of my life, I come home from school, get changed into my jimjams and sit in bed on my iPod all day. As i blog from my iPod as my laptop is a hootenanny and picks it's moments to refuse to work. But but but I need to venture it out soon because I urgently need to put my bombay bicycle club cd on there. dying to listen to it on my iPod but I ALWAYS forget to put it on when I have the peice of crap out. So it's 6 days until I go to London, although my readers (DONT HAVE ANY) won't be aware that I'm going to London. but long story short.. got scouted by a modelling agency at clothes show and they've invited me down to their London offices. which is frickin' amazing for me?!? but you know this'll probably sound absolutely showy-offy to my non-existent readers but I promise you I didn't mean it like that. I'm not SO keen on putting photos of myself on here because I got perv'ed on on facebook a few weeks back and it was a massive kerfuffle that I'd like to avoid!

But if I succeed in modelling and stuff then I'll link to some photos of me on the agency's website, kkkkkkkkk? Fingers crossed.

Think I'm done for the moment although i'll probably blog again later due to deathly boredom?


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