Thursday, 20 January 2011

woops late night blog.

I couldn't find the time to blog today, but I haven't really been that busy. Just couldn't be arsed to write down my thoughts as I had too much going through my mind. I've been trying outfits on since I got home from school as I have a birthday meal tommorrow for my friend Bianca. And I have no idea what to wear, I would put some photos on of possible outfits but I tried to access my blog on my blackberry and it took absolutely AGES so I gave up in the end. And plus I have no readers so what would be the point. I did try to promote my blog on but it really didn't seem all that succesful. Anyway instead of photographing the outfits I'll have to make do with describing them!

Camel Coudroy Shirt (h&m)
blue scrunched jeans (given 'um)
tan mid t-bar heels (next)
obviously this is just the basics

grey converse top (JD)
blue jeans, faded (primark)
grey converse, battered (office)

But I guess they're both pretty similar, anyways I'll just decide in the morning. Well I'm knackered and I need my sleep as London is in just FOUR DAYS. ehehe sooo nervous.


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