Monday, 17 January 2011

Janvier 17th. music segement :)

Second time i've wrote this out. Before this I wrote a whole account of my day at school but who wants to know that? Nothing interesting happened and this blog is supposed to be about life and philosophy and things that I've found interesting and want to share with the world. Although, I think I'll mostly be doing this for my own amusement as there's millions of blogs out there that don't get noticed. But this is different due to the fact: I'M A TEENAGER!

So I thought today as I'm in a musical mood i shall start off with talking about an artist I discovered a few months back but never really followed her up.. Her names misty miller! YouTube her! She's from wimbledon and she has such a fresh voice and amazingly she plays all her songs on a little guitar -I don't want to call it a yeukalale incase it isn't one- woops.

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